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US anti-dumping tariff reduction Vietnam's frozen shrimp

Accordingly, the average tax rate has decreased by 0.91% compared with 0.93% the preliminary results announced in March 3/2015 and down sharply from 6.37% tax rate of the previous review period POR8. In three mandatory respondents, the Ming Phu Seafood Corp has the highest level of 1.39%, down from the preliminary 1.5%, Thuan Phuoc Corp: 1.16%, slightly higher than the results Preliminary Fimex VN 1.06% and 0%. The tax rate for the other 32 defendants voluntarily is 0.91%. General tax rate applied was 25.4% nationally, down from 25.76% of POR8.

VASEP said that one of the major factor for the reduced tax rate compared with previous times that DOC has relied on the facts fit from 3 countries are Bangladesh, India and Indonesia to costing. Thus, the tax rate down from POR8 POR9 forecast Vietnam shrimp exports to the US in the last months will prosper, after falling more than 50% in the first 8 months.

2014, shrimp exports to the US rose sharply from the first months of the year and start declining since September after the US announced the final results POR8 with the highest tax rate of 6.37% so far. In the first 8 months of 2015, Vietnam exported shrimp to the US reached $ 370 million, continues to decline due to competitive pressures on prices and supply to India, Indonesia. The United States is the largest shrimp import markets of Vietnam, accounting for over 20% share of Vietnam's shrimp exports. 2014, shrimp exports to the US reached $ 1 billion.

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