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Frozen shrimp factory ignited inferno

In the afternoon 17-11, many people were evacuated when a fire occurs in a chorus of frozen shrimp at Tan Phu and commercial centers in District 11, HCMC

Approximately 17-11 days 15 hours 30 minutes, many workers are working in factories contain frozen shrimp on the road Che Lan Vien (Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC) heard big explosion coming from the warehouse. Then black smoke billowing, accompanied by intense fire.

Many male workers used fire water but can not be accessed from inside due to smoke asphyxiation. Just a few minutes later, the fire was spreading, covering the entire factory hundreds of square meters wide and sharp to the inn adjacent blocks.

Hỏa hoạn thiêu rụi xưởng chứa tôm đông lạnh sau 1 giờ
Fire destroyed the workshop containing frozen shrimp after 1 hour

Dozens of factories rush porters materials from the fire to reduce damage. Outside, many households also alarmed next move assets out of safe areas due to fear fire.

Người dân chuyển nguyên vật liệu và tài sản trong xưởng ra ngoài
People move materials and assets in the workshop out

After receiving information, fire fighters Tan Phu district, District 12 mobilized 10 fire engines and nearly a hundred officers and soldiers to the scene put out the fire. These forces have to approach the fire from the roofs of the surrounding houses to fire.

Almost one hour later, the fire was completely extinguished, but the entire factory burned down, the roof collapsed. Many of the suites motel room motel next door was also affected.

* Approximately 16 hours 45 the same day, a fire also occurred in the basement of a building located on Le Dai Hanh (District 11, HCMC) left hundreds of people were evacuated to safety.

Vụ hỏa hoạn tại cao ốc trên đường Lê Đại Hành
Fire at building on Le Dai Hanh

The fire broke out from the chimney area of ​​the restaurant located in the first basement but because the smoke can not get out that hundreds of people in the building were evacuated out. Fire Protection District police then mobilized 11 fire engines and 44 7 officers and soldiers to the scene put out the fire but fortunately, the fire has been extinguished earlier.

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